The good crowds enjoying the cross country day were given a treat when Clarke Johnstone on Balmoral Sensation flew around the testing course in the Honda New Zealand CCI*** for a clear round within the time. 

Johnstone himself said it wasn’t as smooth as he would have liked but it looked all class to those on the grounds.  “It was clear and under time, so I can’t ask for any more.”   He now has a 10.4 lead over Donna Smith on Tangalooma who jumped clear but ended up with 2.8 time faults.  Nadal KSNZ with Fraser King has moved up to 3rd place on 61.6.   Englishman Nick Gauntlett is right behind him on his Australian horse, El Grado.   

A number of the competitors found the challenging cross country too much, and unfortunately both Emily Cammock and Annabel Wigley had to withdraw one of their horses before this phase.   Emily Cammock, on her second ride Dambala is currently in 5th place.  Seven horses will go forward to the veterinary check tomorrow morning and if cleared there, will show jump tomorrow.

Johnstone is as confident as any top rider allows themselves to be.  “I’ve been jumping 1.50m grand prix showjumping on him lately, so he should be fine.  He is a very good jumper.” 

In the Cato Packaging CCI**, there was a big change in the leaderboard.   There are now two on equal penalties in the lead; Katharine Van Tuyl on Double J Sunshine and Diane Gilder on Your Attorney.   However as Katharine Van Tuyl had 0.4 of a timefault, Gilder is the official leader.  Virginia Thompson and Star Nouveau is lying in 3rd place, just 1.3 penalties behind them.    Overnight leader, Amanda Pottinger’s two run outs drops her to 14th place, and Blyth Tait, who was in second, incurred 20 penalties at a combination on Leo Distinction.   

Moving up from 9th after dressage to the shared lead was a surprise to Katharine Van Tuyl.  “I had hoped I would move up a wee way, but never expected to be in this position.   He was amazing, he is probably one of the youngest horses in the field.  I hope that one second over time doesn’t annoy me forever more.”

There were also changes in the Honda New Zealand CCI** Young Rider championship.   Tayla Mason is now the leader with a cracking clear round on Lucy with Diamonds.   Sarah Young on SS Galaxy incurred some time faults, but are just in front of Canterbury lad Cam Robertson on Black Ink who impressed with their jumping today. 

The Veterinary Associations CCI* leaderboard did not change after the cross country.  Aleisha Collett and Mi Focus have a narrow lead from Ashleigh Mckinstry on Ngahiwi Makem and Donna Smith on SE Godswalk.  There is only 1 fault separating all three so no room for error in tomorrow’s showjumping.  

The DEVI Heating Systems CCI* Junior Rider leader after dressage also kept her lead over the field.  Abigail Long on BMW Advokaat flew around the course, as did most of the field.  It will be all up to the showjumping phase and any rails will be costly. 


Results after Dressage & Cross Country:


Honda New Zealand CCI*** 

Clarke Johnstone, Balmoral Sensation - 39

Donna Smith, Tangalooma - 49.4 

Fraser King, Nadal KSNZ - 61.6

Nick Gauntlett, El Grado - 62.4 

Emily Cammock, Dambala - 69.2


Cato Packaging CCI** 

Diane Gilder, Your Attorney - 55.4

Katharine Van Tuyl, Double J Sunshine - 55.4

Virginia Thompson, Star Nouveau - 56.7

Megan Finlayson, Greensleeves - 59.7

Kate Disley, Arctic Cielo - 64.2


Honda New Zealand CCI** Young Rider

Tayla Mason, Lucy with Diamonds - 61.2

Sarah Young, SS Galaxy - 64.3

Cam Robertson, Black Ink - 66.9

Madison Crowe, Brogan - 75.4


Veterinary Associates CCI* 

Aleisha Collett, Mi Focus - 53.4

Ashleigh Mckinstry, Ngahiwi Makem - 53.7 

Donna Smith, SE Godswalk - 54.4 

Abby Lawrence, Song - 54.7


DEVI Heating Systems CCI* Junior Rider

Abigail Long, BMW Advokaat - 57.5

Jackson Bovill, Visionnaire - 61.2 

Zoe Ander, Waitangi Slingshot - 61.6

Renee Faulkner, Rubinstar HH - 63.1


Horse & Pony CCN105

Jessica Woods, LV Elf - 26.7

Janine Hayde, Brentwood Toi Toi - 28

Stephanie Vervoort, X Factor - 28.9

Karla Hiestand, Westamour 29.4