The Eventer’s Challenge, held on the Sunday of Puhinui (7th December) promises to be a lot of fun.

It was previously known as the Derby Classes.  The Eventers Challenge still remains largely a “Derby” style competition.  It starts with a section of 6-8 show jumps leading to 5-7 efforts over cross country fences and finishing over a show jump.

Competitors go straight from SJ to XC, no time for a pause in between!

There are two heights, 80cm and 95cm and at each height there are 2 sections, one for riders 16 years old & under, and the other 17 & over. There is also a teams competition (free to enter this class).

Equilibrium Australia sponsor the 95 cm classes and NPC Health sponsor the 80cm class.

You can enter on the day or via Equestrian Entries. If you need any more incentive to enter,  one of our international stars may well be presenting the prizes plus we have an official photographer specifically covering this competition so here's your chance to get a great photo! 


Puhinui Eventer Challenge

Sunday 7th December 10am start

Prize money plus awesome prizes!



9NPC Health 80cm 16 and under


NPC Health 80cm 17 and over


Equilibrium 95cm 16 and under


Equilibrium 95cm 17 and over


Spurs of Counties Eventers Challenge Teams Event

The Eventer’s Challenge is a “Derby” style competition with a section of 6-8 show jumps leading to 5-7 efforts over cross country fences and finishing over a show jump all enclosed in one ring. The maximum height is 80cm and 95cm respective of the classes.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Entry fee for classes 9-12 is $25. Class 13 is free.

  2. Judging is based on 4 faults for rail or refusal at show jumps and 20

    penalties for a refusal at a cross country fence. Time penalties will also be

    incurred for going over the time allowed.

  3. Rules are based of ESNZ Eventing rules – this includes horse tack and

    rider attire

  4. Teams are to be nominated on the day. Riders may belong to more than

    one team, but on individual mounts nominating there counting score class before the class commences. Each team may contain four riders with the best 3 scores to count.

  5. Mounted prize giving for all 1st place combinations both individual and teams. Places to 10th place in classes 9 -12, teams place to 3rd position. All riders must be fully attired at prize giving. Nonattendance at prize giving will result in forfeiting of prize money and prizes.

  6. The organizing committee of Auckland Eventing reserves the right to make any changes/amendments to the competition or rules.

  7. Competitors and horses are not required to be ESNZ registered.

  8. Entries in advance via Equestrian Entries, limited entries accepted on the


  9. Enquires to Julie Prebble 027 485 8543 julzap3@yahoo.co.nz