Welcome to Eventing Auckland’s new membership page.

Here you will find information on:

- Membership

- AGM’s and meetings

- Committee


The constitution

The AGM is on 27th March at 6.30pm at Pukekohe A & P Show Grounds.

Please see the revised constitution for Eventing Auckland. This is being presented at the AGM. Click here.

In order to provide transparency to our member base, we have chosen to provide a copy of the tracked changes for your benefit. Click here.

Please review the previous AGM minutes here.

To apply for proxy. Please use this one. Click here.

To nominate someone for an Executive Committee role. Click here.



Join our membership at the upcoming AGM and have your say.

Membership subscription cost it to be decided at the AGM.



If you wish to become involved in the committee, please contact Philippa Harder at for our next committee meeting date.

We’d love to have you!