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    VIP Hospitality 2017


    #Puhinui2017 is welcoming with open arms a new partnership with Catwalk.

    The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust was founded by one of our own, in 2005 by Catriona Williams and a group of close friends. Catriona, formerly one of NZ’s leading international equestrian riders is a C6/C7 tetraplegic following a riding accident in 2002.

    The hospitality tent is open on Saturday and Sunday, so come on down for a day full of suspense, excitment and awe!

    http://www.3dayevent.co.nz/Hospitality to view ticketing details.

    See you at #Puhinui2017


    View video clips from the Puhinui International 3 Day Event equine triathlon held at Price Reserve, Manukau, 6 - 8 December 2013 

    Day 1: DRESSAGE  http://youtu.be/65k7spsZBoA

    Day 2: CROSS COUNTRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV8U61nVD0E

    Day 3: SHOW JUMPING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEJgwNYS_lY

    NB If you wish to view high-res versions of these clips, click on the cog icon in the bottom corner of the clip once loaded.


    The committee were delighted to receive positive feedback about the success of Puhinui 2013, including this from Melissa and Francesca:

    " Hi Susan,
    Can you please pass on Francesca and my thanks and congratulations to the Puhinui 3 day committee. Despite the weather and the amazing mud it created everything seem to run on schedule with any changes well communicated to riders in good time.
    It must make your jobs so much more difficult when the weather doesn't co-operate but everyone kept in good spirits and got on with the job.
    The grounds looked fantastic and we can't wait to see the footage from the event.
    Thanks to everyone for their hard work and commitment to making this pinnacle event such a success.
    We hope the clean-up wasn't too ghastly!
    All the best and thanks again.
    Melissa and Francesca. "


    A 50 year old Taranaki dairy farmer has showed the young guns how to do it at Puhinui International 3 day event.  Matthew Grayling on Henton Executive had a decisive victory in the Honda New Zealand CCI3* in difficult conditions.   The pair had to jump their showjumping conditions in the heaviest of showers on the day but incurred only 4 faults for an unusual refusal.

    Grayling, who has only been riding the horse since September this year, was delighted with the win, saying it was “difficult to get these wins and great to get this result.”   This is their first outing at the highest level of competition available in New Zealand.   “We have bonded a lot more in the last four weeks, he was standoffish with me at first.  Now he is a pleasure to have around and now follows me around.   I’ve even got the cows in on him a few times.”   The “Grayling way” is to allow a horse to be a horse, and now Henton Executive, known at home as Eric, has become a horse that does everything, and thus fitting into the system the Grayling family use.

    Aucklander Dannie Lodder riding her family favourite horse, Moochi, had regrets about her mistake on the cross country which cost her the win.  “I made a big mistake yesterday.  Second is good, but first is a lot better.”    She still has big goals for Moochi.   “I’d love to do a four star.  If I could do Badminton, I’d die happy.”

    Kelsey Rothery from Cambridge with her horse The Felon finished in third place.   The young rider was delighted with her achievement at her first attempt at a competition at this level.   She will now aim the horse at Kihikihi and then Taupo but first she’s going to take her horse on beach holiday to her home town of Kawhia.  Kelsey, like so many riders, was full of praise for the course, built by Tich Massey.   “The cross country rode well, Tich build a great course.”

    Nadine Bell, the Marketing Manager from Honda NZ who sponsored the CCI3* was full of praise for the event.  “We are very proud to be involved.  It’s a fantastic event and eventing is a great sport, we think this is a great way of giving back to New Zealand, as horses are a big part of the New Zealand culture.

     The Cato Packaging CCI2* was lead from start to finish by Donna Smith on Balmoral Sensation.   Did this create any extra pressure?   “I strive on pressure, I need it or else I’d be yawning and sleeping in the truck park,” said Donna.

    Samantha Felton moved from 5th to 4th to 2nd on Ricker Ridge Pico Bo.  Sam had three horses in the class.   “I always knew this was going to be a big weekend, I’ve never done it before.  I’ve had this horse since he was 3 so I know all the tricks he has.” 

    Clarke Johnstone was third in the event on Sam Taylor’s Leo Degas.  The horse will now go back to Taylor who will compete on him in the autumn.   Johnstone has spent the last 3 weeks getting to know him and while he said he made a few mistakes in the dressage, he was very pleased with him. Johnstone now heads to an exhibition eventing competition in Perth, Australia.

     In the Veterinary Associates CCI* Simone Kann took the win on her lovely chestnut mare Balmoral Oakey.   She praised her partner, Donna Smith for giving her sound advice on where to ride the showjumping jumps, with the going being a little difficult.   Her biggest challenge now she thinks is keeping Donna from “stealing her ride.”

    Jessica Woods on LV Award was second and well pleased with her horse, one with potential for the future.   “He’s a keeper”   Sarah Young was the big mover in the class, moving from 15th after the dressage to 9th after the cross country to finish third overall.  She said she was “quite shocked.”  “I love this little horse and I have trained him all myself.  I just had to keep cool and let him do his job.”   Both Woods and Young are aiming at the Trans Tasman young rider team in Australia next year.

     This was the last competition on the New Zealand eventing calendar for 2013 and has been a fabulous event with some very popular and well deserved wins. 

    Final Results
    Honda New Zealand CCI***
    Matthew Grayling, Henton Executive, 61.6
    Dannie Lodder, Moochi, 79.2
    Kelsey Rothery, The Felon, 82.6
    Brent Jury, SE Big, 87.4
    Cato Packaging CCI**
    Donna Smith, Balmoral Sensation, 42.1
    Samantha Felton, Ricker Ridge Pico Boo, 48.9
    Clarke Johnstone, Leo Degas, 51.4
    Veterinary Associates CCI*
    Simone Kann, Balmoral Oakley, 45.6
    Jessica Woods, LV Award, 49.4
    Sarah Young, SS Galaxy, 53.1
    Live scoreboard and list of entries can be found on http://www.equestrianentries.co.nz/



    There’s only 4.4 points between the top 6 riders in the Honda New Zealand CCI3* after the dressage phase at the Puhinui International 3 Day Event.   Local rider Angela Lloyd has a narrow lead from fellow locals Dannie Lodder and Simon Gordon. 

    The ground conditions were testing with all the rain in the last few days.  The horses struggled with the soggy footing but at least the sun was out! 

    Lloyd said that she wasn’t feeling any extra pressure by being in the lead going into the testing cross country phase tomorrow but was well aware of the closeness of the other competitors.   “I’ll be going for time.  I have been called a nana.  The horse can go fast so I’ll be trying.”

    Lodder had a busy day competing on 4 horses, and described her day as “starting badly but it did get better.   In those conditions, you just have to go out and give it your all.”  

    Gordon, who juggles a full time job as a financier with his sport, was about to go and walk the cross country course for the first time.   He had to work yesterday so Lodder presented his horse at the veterinary inspection on his behalf.   The two are obviously good mates as well as fierce competitors. 

    In the Cato Packaging CCI2*, Donna Smith on Balmoral Sensation has a healthy lead over Virginia Thompson on Star Nouveau and South Islander Clarke Johnston on Leo Degas.    Smith was very enthusiastic about her performance and lead.  “He gave me a beautiful ride, he travelled well above the mud and I couldn’t have asked for more.  In the sport of three day eventing, any breathing space is good.”  

    Kate Wood from Northland has a 5.2 point lead in the Veterinary Associates CCI*.   Jessica Woods and Sophie Wilkinson are in second and third.  Wood described her horse Tobruk as being a “kind, generous and easy horse that doesn’t get wound up.   Going early gave me a real advantage today.”   She was keen to get out onto the cross country.  “Tich Massey has done a really good job.  There is not one particular bogey fence, but lots of questions which is a sign of a good course designer.”

    The cross country gets underway with the Veterinary CCI1* starting at 9am, with the Cato Packaging CCI2* at 10:45 and the Honda New Zealand CCI3* at 12.45.  The last phase of the 3 day event is the showjumping Sunday

    Matthew Grayling has a good grip on the title at the Puhinui International 3 Day Event in the Honda NZ CCI3*, but this sport has a reputation of being unforgiving and there is still a day to go before the trophies are given out. Grayling, riding Henton Executive, is 12 penalty points ahead of Kelsey Rotheray on The Felon and 21.6 points ahead of Dannie Lodder on Moochi . 

    Trailblazer Brent Jury was the only round under the time on the day but after a disastrous dressage yesterday, the pair are still only in 4th place. 

    Grayling, a dairy farmer from Taranaki, was full of praise for his horse Henton Executive, bred locally by Henton Lodge Hanoverians. “This is the first time I have ridden the horse at this level. He showed good heart, he was honest. I said go and he backed me.”

    The pair had a couple of near misses on the course including in the influential water complex in the main arena. “He came out of the water and left a leg, and the distance was tight enough as it was for a horse that powers up the bank.” 

    The course was very testing, and three of the competitors didn’t finish the course including the overnight leaders, Angela Lloyd and Song who had a soft fall in the water. 

    In the Cato Packaging CCI2*, Donna Smith and Balmoral Sensation retained her lead from the dressage phase, although with 3.6 time faults, her margin has slipped. She has a three of the country’s top young riders less than 7 points behind her. Virginia Thompson was clear and within the time to be in second place, Clarke Johnstone on Leo Degas in 3rd with Samantha Felton on Ricker Ridge Pico Boo in 4th.

    Last year in this competition Smith and Balmoral Sensation had a spectacular fall in the main arena. Smith confessed to a few pre-event nerves. “I let out a huge sigh of relief when I left the arena this time, I hadn’t realised it was bothering me so much. I have never had so many people saying ‘Good luck mate’ before I set off.”

    Smith was also full of praise for Andrew Nicholson who yesterday had given her some tips on how to ride her horse. “I had a great conversation with Andrew, he was so inspiring. He told me I had a beautiful horse and it was great that he cared enough to give me some advice, and be so forthcoming with his knowledge.”

    The Balmoral horses also continued good form in the Veterinary Associates CCI* with Simone Kann on Balmoral Oakey taking the lead after a clear cross country. It’s a tight squeeze between the top 5 in this class, only 4 faults separate them. Cherie Jaques on Tobinator and Sophie Wilkinson on Bob’s Dream are in second and third place.

    The horses must pass a veterinary inspection in the morning before they then take on the final phase in the competition, the showjumping. The Veterinary Associates CCI* starts at 10.45, the Honda NZ CCI3* at 1.30 and the Cato Packaging CCI2* at 2.45pm.

    Results after Cross Country:

    Honda New Zealand CCI3*
    Matthew Grayling, Henton Executive 57.6
    Kelsey Rothery, The Felon, 69.6
    Dannie Lodder, Moochi, 79.2
    Brent Jury, SE Big, 83.4

    Cato Packaging CCI**
    Donna Smith, Balmoral Sensation, 42.1
    Virginia Thompson, Star Nouveau, 46.7
    Clarke Johnstone, Leo Degas, 47.4
    Samantha Felton, Ricker Ridge Pico Boo, 48.9

    Veterinary Associates CCI*
    Simone Kann, Balmoral Oakey, 45.6
    Cherie Jaques, Tobinator, 46.2
    Sophie Wilkinson, Bob’s Dream, 48.1
    Jessica Woods, LV Award, 49.4